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when you realize you couldve done something much easier than the way you did it


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Anonymous asked: can you see yourself having contact with makishima even in the future, like 10 years from now?



"irrelevant male rapper"


"ft nicki minaj"


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the only reason g.amako shippers are saying ryumako is abusive is the one episode where ryuko and mako have a showdown and fight club mako cameos. other than that, they havent hurt each other at all and have one of the healthiest relationships in the show.
im guessing they are also ignoring the fact that gamagori was ready to let mako be killed when they were first introduced

adding the fact that gama has fucking whipped mako in canon causing a mark on her face and to bleed also he’s never defended her or gotten her out of trouble and has made her do heavy work if he cared about her enough he wouldn’t have layed a finger on her OR allowed her to do any real work

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We Both Reached For The Gun
Various Artists / Chicago


Chicago Soundtrack » Various Artists - We Both Reached For The Gun

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i want pacific rim to be our generations star wars and by that i mean i want six trillion expanded universe novels about everybody that appeared on screen i want graphic novel spin offs and in thirty years i want to be able to complain about the remake

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