stuck with it

ok so listing here


god tier jonh:bluehairghost

pounce de leon:decoytoll

 Doc Scratch:bluellu

jake english:fuchsiathief

god tier dave:(i don’t know your tumblr sorry)

roxy:(same as above)

guys did  ever tell how cool you are?no? i telling now

(i was the one whit the dave t-shirt :p)

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    i was the God Tier Dave :33 You were all awesome, guys!!!! ;www;
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    sdfghjklçlkjhg look at me, I’m doc’s pet kldsjflksjk I always wanted to be a mafia-boss’-fat-kitty kdsfkjdshf no really...
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    I’m Jake! c: Gosh, i’m so happy the photoshoot turned out so great! Juliana, you’re the best Roxy jfc ;u;
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    I am that Doc Scratch, woah! I look CREEPY X’D But everyone looks great! Today was really fun! :’D
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    Nandaaaaaaa~~ You look amazing. Everyone does! Y’all look great.
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    HSDLFHS OH MY GOD YOU WERE THAT DAVE? Q3Y9E8Y3RWEYRWER I DIDN’T KNOWWWWW I’m that Jade, btw!! oh gosh I miss everyone...
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